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Overview of Your First Steps as an Alumni

  1. Here’s the four steps to do when you finish your two years as a Goer (You'll receive an email from GoCorps when your about to complete your 24 months that will give you the info and links for these steps):
    1. Complete the GoCorps Exit Survey online
    2. Write a final GoCorps blog entitled ‘My letter to potential and future Goers’.  This blog post should contain some of the biggest lessons you learned and some words of encouragement and exhortation to future Goers.
    3. Do an exit interview on a video call
    4. Submit your student debt assistance matching request
  2. Student Debt Assistance Program – As an alumni, you are eligible for $2,500 in matching funds to pay down your student loans.  Contact [email protected] for details on how to submit your match request.
  3. Debrief, Retreat or Counseling Options – Contact us if you'd like some recommendations for ministries that offer re-entry retreats and debrief, transition coaching or personal counseling. Email [email protected] 
    1. Check out The Way Between
  4. Alumni Community - Connect with the Alumni community!
    1. Join the GoCorps Alumni Facebook Group!
    2. Reach out to us and let us know what you're interested in as it relates to connecting with other alumni and with GoCorps as a resource - [email protected]

Resources for Goers Returning to the US

  1. Resume Writing - How to best communicate your Goer experience on your resume - PDF.  Once you've worked on your resume, Submit your resume to Jessica at [email protected] to have us review and make suggested edits to your resume.
  2. Interviewing - How to best communicate your Goer experience in job interviews - PDF.
  3. Reentry: Vocational and Life Coaching - Get one on one reentry and life coaching as you navigate making decisions and progress toward your next steps professionally and personally.  Email [email protected] for more info.
  4. Alumni Newsletter - A few times a year, we send out a newsletter with alumni updates and resources.  Make sure your contact info is up to date by sending an email to [email protected].

Ways to be Involved with GoCorps as an Alumni

  1. Join our staff as a mobilizer or coach -  You and your story can make a big difference to send more Goers! This is a great way to transition back to the US.  Learn more here
  2. Help raise money for the Final Mile Fund!  You can help your supporters become supporters of current Goers!  Check out the Final Mile Fund here.
  3. Be a GoCorps Influencer - If you love social media and GoCorps, then we need you!  GoCorps Influencers are a group of people dedicated to growing our presence and getting our message out in the digital space!  Email [email protected]
  4. Mobilize in Your Area - Our mobilization team can help you recruit at your church, alma mater or anywhere else you have connections. Join the GoCorps Advocate Club here.
  5. Be a Giver/Donor - You know how important monthly donors are!  So, we invite all returning alumni to be a monthly partner at any level. Set up your monthly giving here.  Or if being a monthly partner isn't a good fit, consider giving a special gift.  Gifts at all levels are needed and greatly appreciated!
  6. Be a writer and help us tell stories!  We are looking for alumni who like to write to help us tell stories of Goers on the field.  Email [email protected] for more info.
  7. Volunteer with us!  There are various ways you could serve.  We especially need graphic designers, writers, and event planners.  

Special Resources for Your Next Steps

  1. Special Partnership with Wheaton College Graduate School & Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Center at Wheaton - Goer Alumni get 15% tuition discount!  Explore the program and degree options here.  Contact [email protected] for info about the discount.
  2. Debt Relief for Long Term Goers through The GO Fund - If you are a Goer who wants to serve longer term overseas, you may qualify to have all of your loans paid through The GO Fund.  Note: The GO Fund is not a GoCorps program.  It is an organization that exists to remove the burden and barrier of student debt for long term missionaries.  Learn more here 
  3. Overseas employment network - Is your longer term plan to return overseas working in the marketplace?  Then you gotta check out ScatterGlobal for resources and even job postings.  ScatterGlobal helps Christians find ways to work in the marketplace in the least reached places globally.

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