Map Years Stories

Melody: Dancing in Berlin

By Melody on September 30, 2022

Hello... Meet Melody!

When Melody first moved to Berlin, she knew exactly two words of German and hadn’t traveled internationally since she was eight years old. During her time in Berlin, Melody worked with a brand-new arts ministry where she led artistic Bible studies, danced in street festivals and church services, taught an after-school dance class for kids, and used those connections and opportunities to share the love and hope of Christ! Melody went to Berlin as a Goer in 2016, and now works with GoCorps as a Coach! 

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Sophie: Community Health in Peru

By Sophie on March 30, 2022

Sophie and her husband Matt went together as Goers to Peru soon after they were married in their first year after college.  After their two years in Peru, they moved back to Northern Minnesota where Sophie is working as a realtor and art agent and Matt is a contractor.  They are expecting baby #1 this year and are in the process of converting a '73 Airstream and a shipping container into Airbnb's... they can't wait to share their corner of the world with visitors!

Here's our Map Years interview with Sophie...

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Bekka: Teaching in East Asia

By Bekka on April 23, 2021


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David: Linguistics Study in the Middle East

By David on January 22, 2021


Hello... Meet David!

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