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How do I know if I’m called to serve overseas?

By Katy White on November 16, 2020

People usually think calling is about looking forward, but it’s actually about looking backward.

If you're like most Christians, you probably think that you need to have a lightning bolt type of calling to consider moving overseas for a couple of years. But, that’s not usually how God calls his people to his work...

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Missions is too important to be left just to missionaries!

By Paul Van Der Werf on November 5, 2020

God is on a mission.  His mission is to bring people from every place and every culture into relationship with himself.  So, God’s mission is global, and all of us have a place in it.  Do you know what your place is? 

The gospel hasn't changed for 2000 years, but the world to which Christ sends us has... It's time for a new kind of missionary!

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Is the Peace Corps a good option for Christians?

By Paul Van Der Werf on November 2, 2020

"In contrast to the Peace Corps, GoCorps’ model and mission is that Goers integrate their faith into all aspects of their life and overseas placement: friendships, their profession, their service and calling."

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